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WP 3.1 - Investigations test stand


Project partners
TUB FG Siwawi (Daniel Venghaus), IPS

Short description
The goal is to describe the tire abrasion behaviour by conducting rinsing tests at a special test stand of FG Urban Water Management for different rain intensities and road surfaces. For these tests, the existing test stand for simulating different rain events of the FG will be equipped with an irrigation section specifically adapted for this project and different road surfaces will be integrated. These are loaded with tire abrasion particles and road sweepings and drained via a road drainage shaft. The whole test material can be separated again at the outlet via sieves. The runoff behaviour in the gutter and in the road drainage shaft can already be simulated on the test stand; the corresponding test materials will be added to the water flow in the gutter via metering units. Only with the additional irrigation unit consisting of atomisation and different road surfaces, can the removal behaviour
be investigated and described in terms of area.



WP 3.2 - Road investigation


Projekt partners
TUB FG Siwawi (Daniel Venghaus), BSR

Short description
The aim is to describe the waste matrix of the road through sweeping tests and to estimate the input potential for substances in the road runoff. The FG Urban Water Management will continuously carry out sweeping tests on a defined area (approx. 40 m2) on the test track Clayallee (main road). In addition to the manual sweeping samples, samples will be collected by a small road sweeper from BSR.



WP 3.3 - In situ measurement sampling basket


Project partners
TUB FG Siwawi (Daniel Venghaus), GKD, IPS, BWB, Continental

Short description
The developed sampling basket will be used for street drains from a main road, side road, motorway, parking lot, airport and the Contidrom, Continental’s tire test facility. It may be possible to study an airport within Berlin, else an external airport will be used. Important decision criteria are the number of take-offs and landings as well as the size classes of the certified aircrafts. Sampling baskets are installed in the selected rainwater drains and in the event of a rain event, a notification will be automatically sent from the sampling point to the FG Urban Water Management and the quantities of rainwater flowing through the basket. This makes it possible to estimate the rain event and initiate the necessary transport of the samples.



WP 3.4 - Air measurement

Project partners
Wessling (Dr. Jens Reiber)
, TUB FG Siwawi

Short description
The goal is to determine concentrations of airborne tire abrasion particles at the locations of WP 3.3 with the aid of mobile air sampling units (MVS - Medium Volume Sampler). The air measurements shall serve as a benchmark, therefore only random samples are planned. As part of the site selection for the road run-off drain sampling, the possibility to use existing infrastructures for fine dust measurements will also be checked.



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