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WP 2.1 - Production, use, recycling/recovering/disposing


Project partners
TUB FG Siwawi (Daniel Venghaus) , Continental, TUB FG Reibung, ADAC

Short description
The goal is to prepare a literature study and evaluation of existing data from Continental on the tire‘s life cycle. The study will enable the assessment of the input of tire particles into the environment throughout the product life cycle. On a theoretical basis, gaps in knowledge on losses of tire particles in production, use and recycling/ recovering/disposal are to be closed.



WP 2.2 - Identification of the influencing factors in the use phase


Project partners
TUB FG Reibung (Dr.
Roman Pohrt), Continental, TUB FG Siwawi, ADAC, VW, IPS

Short description
The aim is to theoretically identify the influencing variables on abrasion quantities throughout the service life of the tire such as climate, road surface, speed, acceleration, braking behaviour, vehicle class and weight. The Department of System Dynamics and Friction Physics will conduct wear experiments and examine the resulting particles microscopically to generate reference points for theoretical analysis.



WP 2.3 - Laboratory abrasion test stand


Project partners
Continental (Dr. Frank Schmerwitz)
, TUB FG Reibung

Short description
Wear mechanisms and rates will be determined through laboratory testing. For this purpose, tests are conducted for the following variables: six tread compounds, three loads, three temperatures, two lanes. The samples will be measured by the TUB FG Reibung.



WP 2.4 - Test drives


Project partners
Continental (Dr. Frank Schmerwitz), TUB FG Siwawi, TUB FG Reibung, VW

Short description
The wear rates of the tires will be estimated depending on the driving dynamics. For this purpose, driving tests will be conducted on a Continental test track with the developed sampling basket installed on the test track. Continental will plan and carry out the tests together with the VW Department of Vehicle Dynamics and the TUB.



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