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WP 1.1 - Analytical concept


Project partners
Wessling (Dr. Jens Reiber),
TUB FG Siwawi, Continental, GKD

Short description
The goal is to develop, implement and evaluate analysis concepts including chemical and physical methods to identify and quantify tire abrasion particles in road runoff, road sweepings and as airborne particles. The sample preparation of aqueous and solid samples is particularly important. Due to the different compositions, the analysis concept should allow for determining the quantities and emissions into the environment, both in total and in part for individual groups of substances. This will be done using one or more defined control parameters.



WP 1.2 - Sampling concept


Project partners
TUB FG Siwawi (Daniel Venghaus)
, Wessling, IPS, GKD, Continental, BWB

Short description
Environmental samples will be systematically obtained from road runoff, road sweepings and air, in such amounts that reproducible analysis can be carried out. For all tests, a sampling concept will be prepared in advance by the partners mentioned. As part of the sampling concept, a sampling area-dependent data collection plan was created. The sampling concept for the in situ measurement of the different catchment areas takes into account
up to 30 rain events per year and a variety of measurement points. The challenge is to sample individual rain events and evaluate the runoff quantities.



WP 1.3 - Development of the sampling basket

Project partners
GKD (Markus Knefel)
, TUB FG Siwawi, Wessling, IPS, ORI

Short description
Tire abrasion particles will be collected from road run-off water in a targeted manner. For this purpose, GKD will design a sampling basket for street drains that allows fractional sampling of a rain event directly in the drainage shaft using defined mesh sizes (lower separation limit ≤ 10 μm). Initially, development will be carried out virtually by creating various geometries and simulation models, on the one hand, to find an ideal flow path and, on the other hand, to ensure fractionation of the collected particles. The most promising design will then be realized in GKD‘s in-house filter construction facility. Below the sampling basket, an explosion-proof measurement technology from ORI will be implemented which records the flow rate data and transmits it wirelessly via GPRS. The function of the sampling basket will be verified under defined conditions at the test stand (FG Urban Water Management). The sampling basket will be examined with regard to its potential as a decentralised treatment plant for street drains. An appropriate backwashing device for the sampling basket will then be developed.



Sampling basket

WP 1.4 - Analytical evaluation of the methodology and routine analysis


Project partners
WESSLING (Dr. Jens Reiber), Continental

Short description
The samples taken by WESSLING and provided by the partners (road runoff, road sweepings, air particles) will be analysed according to the agreed and implemented analysis and sampling concept and through statistical evaluation. A significant amount of data will be generated for this purpose.



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